Border collie mix (Johnston City)

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I’m looking to rehome or find a rescuer for my 2 and a half year old border collie mix. She is not spayed but is utd on her rabies vaccine until august/September ish. She will also be 3 around that time.

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Bailey is an amazing dog. she’s high energy, playful, good with kids. She have the typical border collie personality. She knows sit, shake, lay down, up, and spin. She is also crate trained. She’s highly good motivated and eager to please.

Now to the cons. Bailey has a bit of fear aggression. There’s a few exceptions to this however, she barks and will lunge (has not bitten, like i said it’s out of fear and she backs away quickly) a people she hasn’t met, most commonly men. She has never bit anyone out of aggression. If she gets out and off leash, she does not have a good recall. She will run up to people and do as i have previously stated. Again, it’s not just complete aggression, she was not socialized properly and i take full responsibility for that. I was still in highschool when i had got her and working two jobs so she stayed with my grandparents mostly.

Once she smells you and gets to know you, she is the sweetest dog ever. If I remember wasn’t forced to give her up i wouldn’t. I don’t want to risk her going to animal control because i know they will put her down.

If anyone knows of anyone willing to work with her and give her the life she deserves, or if anyone has a rescues in mind, please reach out. Thank you in advance.

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