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Get rid of those pesty moles in your yard inexpensively and without harming them!!
I have Castor Bean Seeds available. These seeds grow into very tall beautiful plants. Require full sun. It's a striking plant in landscape but also very useful for repelling moles away from your yard or garden. Moles don't want to be anywhere near these. Can be started inside early and transplanted outside or plant directly outdoors in your yard after all frost.
Very tall plants, sometimes reaching 10+ feet. These have very large leaves and bright red seed pods that can be harvested in the fall to plant the following spring. These are not perennial but you will have seeds each year for replant. So easy to grow!
The actual seeds are toxic if eaten but plant is safe. When seeds are on the plant the seeds are inside of a prickly "cocoon" so no fear for family pets. Just be responsible with the seeds when you remove them from the prickly cocoon so nothing eats the seeds. I store mine in a sealed container away from pets and children. Each seed will produce 1 plant. These grow upwards and are sturdy plants requiring no support. These do not spread and are not invasive.
Offering 5 seeds for $3. I have a lot so you can get as many groups of 5 as you want. Mt Vernon IL meet. Willing to mail if you have paypal or venmo

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